How Close do LiveFlight and Infinite Flight work together?

So Lately I’ve been using Live flight A lot, and I just realized how accurate it is. So I am Wondering, How do they get the information, and how close is LiveFlight to IF.

Liveflight gets its information from the Infinite Flight’s live servers using an API (I think I said this right, I’m not a tech guy in this area).

The information is completely accurate, although sometimes the information takes a few minutes to completely load.


@Cameron can explain

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I wish that the time out thing was longer than 5 minutes. on a medium to long haul it can be a pain

don’t the know most flights are longer than 5 minutes lol. Otherwise very good tool to use

The data on LF is updated every 8 seconds.

It’s fair to say @reedgreat basically nailed it!

LiveFlight calls the Infinite Flight servers every few seconds to get updated flight data - it then processes this and shows it to you right away. There may be a few seconds delay but it’s fairly accurate apart from that :)

Unlike something like FlightRadar24, the Infinite Flight data is always showing the exact position of the aircraft (as opposed to FR24 which depends on the equipment the aircraft has, the receivers available in a geographic area, etc).


The timeout is 10 mins, and it can be removed by subscribing to LiveFlight Horizon - it’s something that helps keep the website free by avoiding unnecessary server requests :)


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