How close are you to your next grade?

I was thinking, and started wondering how advanced the community is in terms of Grade. I’m currently Grade 3, and need 3 more hours and 24,000 XP to become Grade 4. How does everyone else stand?

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I need to regain my landings and I’ll be back to grade 4.


I am Grade 5 since yesterday! ☺️


I just got demoted to Grade 2 ;-;

Though I’m close to Grade 4

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Unlucky. So close but so far

Grade 3, about 20k xp left until I reach Grade 4. As well as flight time.

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97.264 to grade 4

have the hours , total landings and XP to be a 5, however I don’t have the landings in for the last 90 days. It always remains about 70-80 landings over last 90 days (life gets in the way) so I remain a grade 3 and am very happy about that!


Congratulations on grade 5!!


I am 74,000XP from Grade 5…

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I am very close to grade 4, maybe will get there today or tomorrow…



75-74k from Grade 5 and 190 flight hours

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Just hit Grade 4!


I’m currently a 2 due to violations that I got by people reporting me for no good reason, but when those go off I will be a 5.

Tried contacting Tyler but he didn’t reply.

I should hit Grade 5 before the end of the year!


Grade 6 lmao 😂 Its time to extend the Grading System a bit.

Im nearly grade 3

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In-between 4 and 5.

About 20 hours of flighr time from Grade 5.
All other requirements are met. Don’t think I will still make it this year unless I let LNAV work through the night…

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Really, thought you were Grade 5 already.