How can you work for infinite flight?

So I was thinking how can you become a worker for infinite flight , does anyone know?

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You can contact moderators or mainly Infinite flight staff. They could explain to you how the whole process is.


There simply isn’t a process. You must possess things they need and impress them. “Make them hire you” is what has been said.


so is. you make them impress. Do not only do it to get the job, if you do not support the community in doubt, and among other things. it is good to always be aware of the publications. And they will already realize if you are good at something that can serve them!

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Yes what skills do you bring to the development team

it could be a 3D editor, among others.

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but if I remember correctly, you need to have the 3D editing studio or something like that, they told you. because I also want to go to work there.

It depends on what you want to do in Infinite Flight

A way to stand out look at the #thirdparty:developer section and see if you interested in airport editing if your aiming for being a developer

Hi there. They typically do not post “now hiring” positions. However, in some cases doing side projects and showcasing what you can do helps in the event there is a gap that needs filled. Look at Cam, he started with Live Flight and became staff.

Obviously not saying this is the case for everyone but is a good rule for the workplace. Just stay active and keep your skills fresh. This goes for IF or where ever you may work.


I don’t even think Infinite flight is hiring 😂

I´d say a sound specialist or sound team is more needed.

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Really depends what your looking for. If it’s moderation or whatever than contact the people here but if it’s actual business then i’d contact them via LinkedIn…Actual Business and “work” surrounding the forum are two completely different things.

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Don’t contact anyone here on the forum for moderation they won’t like you asking. But IF isn’t hiring so don’t contact anyone. If Jason or any staff member sees your third party contributions to the app that could benefit then the staff could find a position for you then I’m sure they would contact you but that’s rare.

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