How can you see the B757 cabin?

How can you see the cabin? Which camera do you need to be in?

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You need to be in either the interior or exterior free camera.

Hey Cody!

In order to see the cabin, you will need to be in “Interior or Exterior Drone 1 or 2”

This can be found by swiping up when on the free cam section. To use the free cams you will need to swipe up, left, right, and down to get the angle you desire!

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The interior drone view

You can do exterior. It will just be the sounds of the outside not inside. To get inside sounds you use interior. In this tweet Infinite Flight said you can place the locked free cam anywhere you want.

When I zoom in it’s all black

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To help me understand the situation better, where are you zooming in?

What’s your time of day?

Can you send a picture? And you don’t zoom in. Here is how you work it.
Left Side of Screen: Move the Actual Camera
Right Side of Screen: Move the Angle of the Camera
This topic may be old but it showed me how to use it.

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