How can you identify who is your flight buddy? Thank you so much for the fun flight ho chi minh to manila


He might not be on IFC, many players that are playing are not here at the community


Good to have you here Marky_Siason. Sure you will enjoy the community

Cool!! Love Group Flights!!

I’m not sure who this is. Try doing a community search, since he is from the Philippines Group.

Sometimes they are anonymous and they just hop along for your flight. They may be on the IFC but sometimes they aren’t. This has happened to me before 😉

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Are you currently part of the Infinite Flight Philippine Group? If not tell me, IFPHG is the biggest Filipino community Group We have today for Infinite Flight if you would like to join Us feel free to PM me about it we fly all around the world and all around the Philippines And of Course everyone else is welcome!

And indeed He is from IFPHG I believe that’s PR-143 gotta go through our names to find out who he is

I would PM them and ask them what their:
Display Name
Aircraft and Livery
and maybe Grade but that’s optional

I usually fly with my name being IFC-Zach007 and if I find someone I might get a dm from them Lufthansa2 found me a while back we landed and parked next to each other but we came from different destinations

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My display name is always IFC - HypedFlyer19 but I would always DM them to make sure

As mentioned, it’s not easy to find people you see in the skies here on the forum. One tool that could help you find people is below.

But…if the pilot is not on the IF Community then…

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I’m going to pm you for the updates of your team flights. I already followed your group on fb. Haha

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