How can you host a fly out?

Ok, I was wondering how you hosted an event at an airport and what roles you have to have to do it. I kinda want to host a KCMH fly out later on once I get back to IF but I was not sure if I was allowed or how I would do it.

So you have to make the post of the fly out, make sure it’s attractive to the public so a lot of people want to join. To host it, you can just spawn in to spot or be ATC or anything really. I once hosted an event at Madrid and I just spawned in to see how it went. I suggest you make a dm with all the people that take part in it to organize when to pushback, for example, and other relevant things. This is my event if you want to check it out: [Finished] 27MAR21 / 1800Z - HUGE Madrid Fly-Out with IFATC @ LEMD

Thank you! I am going to start making departure and arrival boards.

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You should create a post in the #live:events category, which makes people interested in the fly-out. Maybe give some info about the airport and some pictures aswell.
It has to include a table in which all the routes with the corresponding aircraft and spawning locations are listed.
People will then pick out the ones they want to fly. Just fill in their usernames to the table and say something like “Youre added now, see you there!”
If you want atc your topic should include the tag “atc-needed”, so IFATC members see they can service your event.

Overall I’d recommend reading the guideline at the top of the category on how exactley you should post the event.
However you have to be TL2 aka “member” in this Forum to be able to post in this category, which I dont think you reached yet. Just keep on being active here, liking and posting topics/ replies, then you’ll reach TL2 in no time :)
Also events shouldn’t be posted more than 30 days prior

Furthermore, during the event you can post instructions to the pilots in your topic aswell, since it might be a bit much to add so many people to a DM, depending on how many people attend.

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Thank you! I appreciate it.

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