How can you help me

hello, why arent the planes free like i really want the full experience but i have to pay and am juts 13 so i cant pay what can i do then? am not trying to be mean or anything BTW

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You can hop into the free aircrafts and use the free regions to fly around! Most aircrafts you have is very well detailed including live cockpits. Here is a useful topic where a lot of real routes are available to fly for non-pro subscription users.

You must buy a subscription in order to unlock all aircraft, global and multiplayer, including ATC.


I mean, sadly that’s just it works, but there’s really nothing you can do, there is a lot of work in, so it can’t be cheap but I understand your pov.

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I’m guessing that it’s to produce revenue, not everything can be free.

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@THE_RUSSIAN_KID. MaxSez: Joined 2 hr ago (Bio) already gripping and poor mouthing! Nothing in life is free young man.

This is not a game it’s a “Simulator”. The Denison’s on this platform value maturity and the ability to cope with diversity.

Save your money, ask GandPa for a loan if you must! Or do what necessary and earn your way.

Flying the introductory options now and learning the basics of flight will benefit you in the long term. Man Up! Welcome Aboard!


To answer your question as to why all aircraft are not free, it costs money to operate the simulator and provide the quality you see today. By purchasing a sub will grant you all aircraft for however long the price model you selected lasts that you selected to choose. The hardworking team also needs to get payed for their amazing work they put out and display.

thanks i wish i was an adult right now. hhhaahaah

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thanks for the game

Why would you?
I know enough people that are younger then you and they all buy a subscription of their own.
So if you save enough money per month, you can have live…

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They may have different things to save up for or their parents want them to save up for something else as IF is a flight simulator and they may have bigger priorities. Not everyone regardless of age can purchase a sub.


i have the money is that my itunes account is my mothers so i have to ask her and she is very strict about everything so yea:!

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To be honest, I don’t think it’s a lot, if you save some money from your lunch money. That’s how I got my money to buy IF. I understand how every family has different situations, and that’s how my mom said about IF. If I save up my own money, she would allow it.

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I’m just 13 too - delivering newspapers early in the morning is the way to go if you want some dosh!

Saving up your pocket money alongside works plenty fine too.


when you buy the sub like for example the 9.99$ what happens do you buy it for a month or you pay every month?

You pay for it every month if you want the services. It’ll expire one month later and you have the option to buy a new sub model.

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boi i live in Puerto Rico its very diffferent over here there isnt like jobs for under 15 years old.

thanks for your help

  1. The full thing is not free yes but you still have a selection of aircraft and places around the world that you can still fly in (and it is a good deal for what you get). Yes some families are strict on money (especially during these times right now) but i’m sure if you are able to do some small odd jobs like dog sitting/walking or something like that i’m sure you can have enough money for a sub in no time
  2. And the planes are not free because there are people who are working and putting their time into the game
  3. It’s monthly
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I use my mum’s iTunes account too. Show her how responsible you are, and the benefits of a career in Aviation (if you’re going to stick to it that is).

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thanks i understand

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