How can you get a lot of landings in a short time?

I’ve seen many community members say that they want to reach Grade X but can’t because of their landings. I’ve made this topic hoping it would be helpful to those members who are falling short of landings.

I’ve covered the preferable aircraft to be used, the preferable airport(s) that can be selected and the method of flying. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

I was recently taking the XCub for a spin around SCEL, casual server, and i found a pretty easy way you could get a lot of landings in a short period of time.

Firstly, I would not recommend doing this on expert or training server. Please do this only in the causal server.

All you have to do is take off from the runway, continue runway heading for not less than 30 seconds and perform a touch and go. Your landing would not count if you perform it within 30 seconds.

After the first touch and go, simply become airborne for another 30 seconds, and perform your second touch and go, and so forth.

Here are some tips I would have for you:

The airport you pick will play a big role on your workload, time and efficiency.

  1. An airport which is XX50+ feet above sea level will increase efficiency. This is because when you set your A/P on, you would only be able to set your altitude in hundreds. Let’s take SCEL as an example. SCEL is 1555 feet above sea level. If you set your A/P at 1600, you would only have to descend 45 feet to perform your touch and go. It reduces workload on your side.

  2. An airport which has a longer runway is also preferable. It would reduce the amount of 180 degree turns you would have to perform every time you cross the threshold.

  3. Do these patterns slowly, it would consume lesser amount of the runway. I flew mine around 45 knots and got roughly 3 to 4 landings from one threshold to the other. You can get more landings if you use a lesser amount of runway for each touch and go. Flaps 46 is preferred, it would allow you to fly slower.

Hope this was helpful!

Here’s my XCub coming in for it’s hundredth landing after flying for just over an hour :)

Have any of you tried that?


I did, but at KEDW.

XCub too, 30 landings in 20 minutes


Yeah I tried at ymml. Not ideal… but there are a bunch of small airports around to fly to. I wasn’t doing pattern work but flying from a runway to another.
Wow 100 landings! Well done!

Yes, I would recommend staying on the same runway since it saves time.

I prefer KEDW because it has many intersecting runways haha

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Yes, KEDW seems to be a nice choice as well.

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I made a few landings in KNRC. The runways lie well together.

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Even though l agree about KEDW in general …IMHO…KORD is the better choice since you can practice dive bombing type t&gs on alternating runways in opposite directions and easily get a landing in a minute and a half or less in a prop once you get the method down and you will quickly improve that aspect of your aviating proficiency…plus you will learn how to just rely on your throttle and AOA which will be invaluable training for your future endeavors !

To get my landings done I just do EGEP to EGEW, shortest flight in the world. in an hour you can get 20 done easily. just cly something like a c172 or sr22. Super quick and easy for landings.

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