How can you fly a long haul?

How can anyone fly a very long distance in IF, I can’t even do that, I’m a short distance type of guy and I need your answers.

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Are you referring to long hauls? If so a lot of people have multiple device, this means they can just let it fly while they get on with whatever else. For example I could start a flight before bed, go to school and land when I’m back.


I get to cruise and go to bed, then wake up and land.


I do that too.

I am currently doing a flight from Los Angeles to Abu Dahbi which is about 15h 35m fling time. However, I was only awake for about two hours at the start and now I am awake for the last three hours of the flight. I did wake up for a few minutes throughout the night just to step climb a little bit more. So doing it that way makes it not a bad experience. A few tips I would give from personal experience is to plan you flight well and try to have yourself landing at a convenient time. Don’t plan on landing at 3 o’clock in the morning if you know you will be real tired. Also if you are flying into an airport with active ATC it is important to be on your toes about an one and a half hours before you land. Obviously these are all personal preference and can be adjusted accordingly. Sorry this is such a long reply but I hope it helps! :)


Keep your device open when your long-haul flight progresses.
It might be boring but you will feel satisfied and achievable when you finish it.


Definitely agree, that is my favorite part of long hauls


I rarely ever do short flights because I prefer flying with the bigger aircrafts in IF but also because I am able to span my time out more, and I like flying in between different countries. For instance I literally just took off from Newark to Lisbon, 6 hours till I land so now I got the rest of the day to not worry about the flight, my IPad is all hooked up to the charger :)

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I usually use iPad Pro to do Long Haul flight.


Ah interesting. I personally use my Air 2.
Glad to see new people here aswell, welcome. If you need anything feel free to PM me.

I’m a big ultra long haul flyer and I do like 3 15hour+ flights a week. On weekends I just let NAV do the controlling while I sleep but if its a school day I’ll just do the same thing while I’m in school.


Well even when I had one phone back then didn’t have my iPad I would still fly during the night and when I wake up I would land and I calculate how many hours I would need to sleep so when it’s almost time to descend and land I would wake up and sometimes I would

Yeah I’m on the same level as @yacht

Cruise and sleep however I fly alot in the day I spend a lot of time on YouTube in between take off and landings depends what your into really an how many devices you have available I’m lucky I have a 2018 Tab S4 just for infinite flight #Diehard Fan

Another pastime I like seeing how many violations, Landings other players have vs grade

Let me guess it’s like an instinct when to wake up to step climb? It is with me lol. It’s oh it’s 3:52 am I need to climb to FL370 now lol.

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Dont …lol had a burning desire to check my flight vs demolition of bacon n egg sarnie but lucky I did I was about to stall

The same as how anyone does a Short Haul or Medium Haul. You set up your flight and all, cruise then go on with life. Pretty simple ain’t it. Just let the plane fly for hours while you carry on with your other chores and activities.

You know, I mostly flight during day time, meaning that I set up my flight, upon reaching cruise, I leave my house, and off to school I am. Being a High School Student equals some days being long and a Long Haul is the anser to those days I’m away for 8-9 hours.

But other times, like on the weekends, or on days I end early or just have a day off, then I’m here spending time on the forum, watching YouTube, going on the walk in the city, or meeting up with friends. Often times I’ll be at a Café with my Best Friend just chatting, letting time pass by, usually hours go by as I always have to help her with something, because, people… or she at least, tend to become dependent on my writing skills sometimes, haha 😅

So just as when you fly a Short Haul, you take off, cruise and land but each momentum appears more closely to one another, on a Long Haul you really don’t have to care much about when you’re gonna land. It allows me personally to have more freedom, to have time to do other things while I gather those Flight Hours, XP and 1 Landing at the end of it all. Oh and I also get time to visit Grandma sometimes as well, so there are various amount of pros with LH or even ULH flights. But Short/Medium ones are nice to do as well when a LH doesn’t suit your schedule and you want to gather a landing quicker not wanting to Touch-n-Goes in a Pattern Work or than having to wait for 8-12 hours or more to reach your destination, then a Short Haul is a golden flight in my opinion.

But I’m a Long Hauler. Often times my Long Hauls, are more or less, Ultra Long Hauls, between 10-14hrs, which has granted me over the past 12 months a whopping 5200hrs and 3 million XP, so that’s a incredible stat to just look at and be mesmerized about I guess…? Other than that, my landing count, may not be as high others have after 365 days but it is up there at/above 850 something. So a Long Haul has the ability to fly far and wide while still allowing to use that time you’re in the air to do what you normally do in your day to day life without interrupting the flow of your way of living.


you takeoff before you want to sleep
you don’t need to worry about your plane arriving at your destination early
if the flightplan ends the plane would automatically do 360s
**just remeber to bring more fuel or else it would ran out of fuel when your plane is doing 360s

I do the same except I ussaly do it overnight.

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I used to do it overnight… but Landing is not something I have time to do in the mornings before going to school. Nowadays it adds much stress that I don’t need and I’d rather depart in the morning to land when the traffic is a bi more crowded just for the sake of fun and to met you guys at the destination airport. Also I do overnight on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and on some Sundays, not all :)

True fact… but I like doing ultra-long-hauls.