How can you differentiate between STARs that use the same waypoints?

When you are selecting a STAR and multiple options follow the same flight path, is there a way to tell the differences based on their color/coding or do you just have to add them to your flight plan to find out? The attached images of STAR options for CYVR are an example of what I’m asking. When adding them to your flight plan in IF they look identical, but on the charts you can see they have different altitude requirements, etc.

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The different altitude will apply when you select the respective STAR after spawn in.

You need to read the name of the STAR on the charts.

The end points on the star often depend on which runway you are using. For example in the one you’ve given you have 3 splitoff’s - one that leads a downwind leg for the 08’s. The other two are going to the start of the 26L and 26R ILS cones.

I know they’ll change once you select the end point, but they both present the same options and follow the same waypoints. What I’m trying to find out is if there’s a way to tell the difference before implementing them into your flight plan. Until you do, they just look identical in the selection phase.

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