How can you create a flight plan using SIDs and STARS on a short flight

Correct me if i’m wrong but I believe that SIDS and STARS are your departures and arrivals. How do you use these features for a short flight? On another note, what is wrong with just a normal FPL.
Thanks for the help

Hey, it is possible to use SIDS & STARS on a short flight. You just do it the normal way.

Thanks but how I noticed that a departure used fixes that went and crossed paths with my arrival. What do I do here?

Just try something like this:

Hello, before 20.1 did you use any website to create a fpl?

I did.

@Luke_King-kong Oh i see. Interesting. would that be how real pilots would fly if they were to fly like that

Okay, what I would suggest is that you use, then put the fpl into IF. From there it would say SIDs and STARs that is you have to use and put it in. Then delete the waypoints in the sids and stars that fpltoif has created. You’re done

Wait really… That’s so cool. Thank you

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