How can we tell what airports can handle what planes?

I’m only flying on the FreeFlight server (or else I’d probably be inundated in violations because I don’t know how all this stuff works) but I can’t really start with my large aircraft right now because the game keeps saying my plane is too large for this airport, even if I can quite easily take off from it in single player. Does anyone know what airports in San Francisco can handle a 777-200ER? Or is it only KSFO and I have to get my standing up a bit (I only got my subscription yesterday)?

In your map, tap the airport and in the top left it should show the airport information. If it says “Current airplane restricted”, that means your aircraft is too large for that airport. I’m sure there are other airports in San Francisco that can handle the 777!

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Ah, thanks for the help people :smile:

Now I just need to get my standing up a bit more so I can actually access those airports…


Oakland has a nice long runway that can be very well used for Wide Bodies like the 777.
Hoping between OAK and SFO is quite a challenge and will get you experienced quite soon;-)

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This is the way I do it:

First of all, its all about planning;-)

So, when I am planning a flight, I first go into the solo OFFLINE mode, choose a plane (it does not matter which one) and set myself on the Departure airport. In this case OAK.

Then I switch to the map:

You see my aircraft in OAK, with the blue airport symbol and you see the red lines indicating runways equipped with an ILS. If you click on the airport symbol, an information apears in the upper left corner: as you can see, OAK is a class B airport.

“Blue” airports with ILS should alway work for jetliners.
“Magenta” indicates a smaller airfield, like 59CA or KHAF.

If you want to decide if a wide body can operate to/from an airport, get the airport info as described above.
Class B will be good for every airliner
Class C is only good for narrow bodies, maybe lighter 767 and a330 (e.g. LGA)

So, after planning your dep and des in solo mode, you can continue thinking about your waypoints, write that down and then its time to go to LIVE, file your flightplan and enjoy the ride. By the way, to my knowledge there is no way to transfer a flightplan from SOLO to LIVE

I hope this helps.

Happy landings


In LIVE please observe the min XP required for the airport you wish to fly to.

Confused about this?
There are 4 classes or airports.
Class Echo,Delta,Charlie,Bravo.
Class Echo : A 737 or lower (all ERJ , fighters, props , a321) without a violation Standing required - 0% ex. L35
Class Delta : Same aircraft of Class E + NOTHING Standing required - 51% or more ex. KCRQ
Class Charlie : Pretty much all aircraft ( Class D + a380,777,767,757,747,C17 etc.) ex. KNUC
Class Bravo : Same as Class C ex. KLAX

All the above airports mentioned are in the Southern California region.

PS : You can take jets to any compatible airport, but you might overshoot the runway while on Takeoff/Landing. Ex. EHBX (Amsterdam)

Correct me if I’m wrong :smiley:


Just a note of thanks to you and others for your responses. The information is very helpful and practical for selecting airports and aircraft.

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i understand the joke!!!

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