How can we capture such beautiful flight screenshots?

How can we capture such beautiful flight screenshots? I’ve tried many angles in flight replay and can’t get it done. Please advise.


Go to free cam , then firstly search the moon(change days if not found).
Then in freecam keep going far away from your aircraft till it looks tiny but make sure the aircraft and the moon is aligned , after that just zoom towards your aircraft , you will notice the moon also keeps getting bigger , then its just final touches , small correction like Making the allignment proper between the moon and the aircraft that’s it

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You can also double tap to instantly zoom and center the plane in free cam 😉


Here’s a nice tutorial (with a video) on how to capture moon shots. I agree, they’re some of the most stunning categories of shots in IF.

Free cam, zoom and angles are important and some people have a “Photographers eye” and with plenty of practice you’ll get there.

Have you a DSLR or digital camera? Try shooting objects outside and those skills will transfer to IF

Or try copy mine below, you’ll use exterior drone for the first picture hence the leaning tower of ATC and free cam for the rest.

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