How can IF become more realistic?

Hi everyone! As we all know , a lot of updates are being worked on to make IF more realistic, so I just decided to jot down a few points which can be added so that IF BECOMES POPULAR AND REALISTIC, I know that some of the points are already mentioned in other posts, but I am adding some more points;
•wingflex (in every aircraft)- I know that the developers are working on the 777 . So, I hope they will surely work on on the wingflex…
•working instruments- this is already mentioned in other posts and it’s being worked on.
•opening doors - which,as of now is only present in the CRJs ,MDs and some 2-3 seaters like citation x. And not in any major commercial aircrafts
•nav lights and terminal buildings.
Also, regarding ATC communications, I thought IF could use voice recognition. Whatever we’ll SPEAK, will get interpreted into the default pilot’s voice…
It’s not any kind order that I am giving. It’s just a request, although many of these points are starting to get added…
Thanks for reading!


The calm before the storm


Well, I didn’t get your word @anon57683537

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I do agree though

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Just to point this out, every aircraft in Infinite Flight will be reworked with the following features you have listed.

With your ATC communication feature, you could try and create your own topic through the #features category.

All of these features will come with time. Head over to #features to vote for them.

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@Captain_Sid you can’t make this into a feature request. This is a topic for discussion. You can only request one feature per feature request and you have to provide more description and background to your request. There are already requests for each of your points, so please search for them.