How can I use computer keys to play Infinite Flight?

when I go into settings “controls” pops up and it sates you can press button on controller and keyboard but I dont know how to get this to work.

Have your turned on Infinite Flight Connect in the settings?

Same problem, trying to connect it. And yes I turned on Infinite Flight Connect but it wouldn’t work.

yes I have, but I cant get it to work.

Are you sure you’ve read all the directions? And also, note you have to hold the keys down for about 3 seconds, and first try Speedbrakes and spoilers, not the throttle

Are you also using LiveFlightConnect?

do you know if im connecting my device properly

Hmm, I haven’t thought of that.

Yes, it’ll say “Connected!” and version xxxxx if you’ve connected properly

what does live flight connect do

in which app will it say that?

It connects your device to Infinite Flight…You haven’t gotten it yet!? Get it now!

IT’ll say that in LiveFlight.

where in live flight?

*live flight connect
It will say it when you connect, it will automatically open for you.

how do you connect it to the app?

You need to download the app.

_ already downloaded the app_

Okay, turn on infinite flight connect, than go into the app and follow the instructions.

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Ok ill try it out…