How can I unhide my profile?

I think I once hid my profile in the app, at least a VA tracker and live flight can’t show my account name/ show “pilot”. I, therefore, tried to undo this, but I can’t seem to find the option to toggle this anonymous mode. Could somebody help me with this?

Go to settings → live → show username in-flight → check


I don’t have this option! I only have Hide airplane names, hide airplane dots, automatic airplane download…, airplane count, pilot voice, voice pitch, default voice

Is your account connected to your IFC account?

Yes it shows that I have linked to “Maximilian1805”

Can I see a screenshot of both screens?


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Sure, I am inflight so I will have to be careful but just wait one sec. Probably it’s just another brain lag of mine lol

Oh you can’t change it in flight (show username in-flight option)

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I don’t have show username inflight! I know I had it earlier but I don’t right now


Oh okay that explains it…

Yep, after you land and end the flight, just follow the steps I gave you and you should be all set for your next flight!


Alright thank you!

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Sure thing!