How can I understand the forum?

How can I understand English in this forum? I am French I have not yet learned English how to write in English?

How to search for a paragraph in English?

How to write in English?
But I use a special website.

The only thing you can do is to either learn English, in which i suggest you to do because it is a very commonly used language. If not, then simply copy the text you don’t understand and use a translate-webpage.


héy! Bienvenue dans la communauté! Une façon de lire le forum est de copier / coller le texte dans Google Translate où vous pouvez traduire le texte anglais en français.

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I’d say just do your best to translate. It may be hard at first but you’ll get used to it eventually. :)

Je dirais juste faire de votre mieux pour traduire. Cela peut sembler difficile au début, mais vous finirez par vous y habituer. (google translate?)


Because I use the Deepl site to make my subjects and translate my messages and others

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Maybe this can help you:

But I suggest you to learn English because this part of the community is much more popular

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That’s only for support in the French language, not the general forum itself

I guess if you don’t know much English Google translate is your way


L’anglais est une langue génial! I speak French (ish) and English, and I found French fairly easy to pick up. Google Translate/other translation apps are also very helpful when you’re still learning.


Ok thank you for comments

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English is in fact the language of Aviation!

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Ok thank you so much ✈🙂🙂


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