How can I track the Patriot B767?

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So with the Denver Bronco and New England Patriot football game happening tonight, the Patriots flew into DIA in one of their new B767s.

Credit for this photo goes to the Denver Airport Facebook page

I really want to track this beautiful B767 on its departure out of DEN but I have no clue how to find out what it will look like in FR24 or what day it leaves. Does anyone know how I can track this plane?


Search it up by registration

I did and it rings me to the airline that previously owned the B767 reg N366AA. But thanks for the attempt @ClarenceTheAvgeek

Try searching up new England patriots plane flight radar 24

There’s another one, N39367

I did that and it actually brought me something useful. It doesn’t tell me (either on FR24 or FlightAware) when their next flight is.
But thanks man that was an awesome tip!


you’re welcome, just a helping hand around the community :D

They are not a regularly scheduled carrier, so FR24 won’t display their flights until the IFR plan is actually filed.

You truly are helping brother! It says they went down to KCOS from KDEN and then did a um KCOS-KCOS flight today lol. Not sure what that’s about.

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I have no idea how to find out when they are flying but I set up alerts/notificationson Flightaware to be alerted when they schedule their flight and depart and land. So this way I’ll be able to see what hey look like for the future.

Does anyone know why the Patriot B767 did this flight? Flightaware says they went from PVD-DEN and the DEN-COS and today COS-COS.

@Boeing747-8 @Ksisky @ClarenceTheAvgeek

probably just a glitch

Lol that’s weird. I wonder if that means they went up to Denver or something. I set up alerts so I should be able to catch them before they leave.

I’ll have this closed as I got my answer. A huge special thanks to @Boeing747-8 for setting me on the right track to finding the right reg.