How can I talk to to first officer Ben and Scottish traveler at Heathrow airport

First officer Ben and Scottish traveler please do a better job at air traffic control, I just got a ground speed violation for going out of the run way to avoid a collision as I was landing with a clearance to land from the first officer Ben, at the same time Time another aircraft was entering the run way 27r … tried to avoid the collision and Scottish traveler reported me for speed violation.

Fly on the ES, it’s highly unlikely things like this will happen.


Never head about it ? What is ES ?

Expert Server. The one you get at Grade 3.


I understand but how can I get to expert server if these guys keep violating me for mistakes they should be violated

Fly on Casual until your violations are at a decent level, then go to Expert. Casual doesn’t have violations.


I recommend what @Latvia mentioned. Training server is intended to learn, and mistakes happen. We all have to start somewhere! :)