How can I start from ground at New Chitose airport(RJCC)

New Chitose airport(RJCC) is one of the biggest airport in Japan and have 4 runways.
But, I cannot start flight from ground. I can only start from end of runways.
I hope you will update for this situation, if my operation is something wrong, please advise me of how to start.
Thank you in advance.

If you are only able to spawn in on the runways, it means the airport haven’t been edited yet. Or it could have been edited, but the edited version haven’t been updated to the app yet.

It looks like it was edited just less than two weeks ago:


I can confirm that there are no gates. I would DM one of the IFAE members.
EDIT: just realized what the post above said. 🙃

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Oh, thank you for your quick response. I hope it will update soon.

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Thank you very much!!

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Yes, it has been completed, expect a fully detailed Chitose and other Japanese Airports in the next scenery update.

And to add on what Cathay said, please do not DM editors with requests. We will get to airports when we get to them.

Great to know someone will be there to check out my Airports, happy I could help someone else and make them happy :)


They may or may not be one soon I have heard

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