How can I set the ILS for an airport that I am flying to that's cross country?

I tried to fly from RDU to LAS last night, set my flight path and everything and selected LAS and my destination, but when I went to set my ILS before take off I couldn’t get any LAS runways until I got with in a 100 miles of the airport. Did I miss a step or anything because it’s tough to set an approach from that far out if I only have less that 100 miles to do so. Is there something I missed in my preflight that could change that?

That has been fixed in the global release. You now have to be within 25 miles-ish to connect to the ILS unless they updated the range.


The ILS is picked up when you are close to the airport. Don’t mistake it for a normal approach.


What i do is select my departure airport, then go to maps click “search” and put in the destination airport code. Then I select my waypoints for approach to ILS and runway.
However sometimes the wind changes and the runway can go from green to red.

Chris is right, you pick up ILS as well as ATC frequency when you are within 25 miles. What I usually do is fill in my flight plan to the end of the STAR then when I get close to to airport I finish the flight plan with whatever runway is green, but again that’s about 30 miles out.

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