How can I Restore the app

Hello i have a iPhone 6s and I wanted to restore the app I like it a lot but I check my email to see if the receipt came but there’s no receipt I check my Gift visa Card and the card had not gotten any of the purchase I check if the info was correct and it was and I don’t want to have any trouble with infinite flight Dev I’m sorry but can you atleast restore this app

Have you gone to the AppStore - updates - purchased - find IF? Have you tried that?

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Oh and also:

You want to restore the app - when did you buy it?

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Has it actually been billed from your payment method? Because if it hasn’t, you can either buy the app again or just not bother.


If you bought it more than 90 days ago Apple doesn’t give the option for a refund. ;)

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Check your purchase history on your Apple account --> go to Infinite flight —> report problem —> request refund + appropriate reason.

You might get a refund, depending on the circumstances.

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I figured it out I contacted apple by email and they send me a report problem link And gave me back my money

If I may ask, why didn’t you like the sim :) ???

[quote=“Francisco_Rodriguez, post:1, topic:113865”]
I like it a lot
[/quote] Maybe reading the post would be good ;)

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