How can i report

hello, today i was telling that there was a mistake in the CRJ-200 and this persone came up to me and said:

This will most likely never be fixed, as it is such a small and minor thing. Instead, why don’t we focus on more important things, like the 777 rework!

I want to report the but dont know how to report.

there user name is: speedyyy

and the only one that helped me was Chris_s

Hello! I don’t fully understand what you’re trying to say here… could you explain a bit more or provide some context? Cheers


I think he is trying to report a user on the forum?


If you have any problems with community members, don’t create a topic, just PM a moderator.

Stay healthy:)

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Please don’t publicly shame a user on the forum. Speedy has been one of the kindest users on the forum, and his reply to your topic was completely compliant to any rule. Please take posts like that as feedback, not as an insult or hate.


They are wrong is saying it never be fixed, but they most likely will not fix anything regarding other aircraft that are not in development unless it’s a major issue.


Trust me, he wasn’t trying to be rude. He was just saying that it probably wouldn’t be fixed. There’s nothing wrong with that.


oh okay thanks

I’m wondering why you would report someone for that…


fully agree with BravoCharlie, additionally if u wish not to talk with a person for a certain time u can set someone as „muted“ or „ignored“ if u go on their summary. A conversation heals wounds better tho!

Spread positivity not hate😬


okay got it

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Also just to piggy-back off of what BC said, it’s not a good idea to shame someone on the forum in front of thousands of people for such a minor thing like that. Trust me, if wakes up and sees this he will be upset that he was called out

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I remember that post, speedy was just trying to say its not a top priority for IF, no need to publicly shame them


Guys he didn’t mean to shame him, stop going on about it please, he probably feels very bad now, let us all move on with our lives now.

Stay healthy guys:)


I get that, but how do you think Speedy feels right now. OP could’ve asked a mod but he’s bashing Speedy. Everyone here would feel like garbage if they woke up to someone trying to ban them from the forum

Especially because he wasn’t bullying him or something, he just said he didn’t think it would be fixed. No big deal with that


@THE_RUSSIAN_KID please PM me for more information.

I closed your old post because you reported something and I said thanks for the report and made a note. There is no additional action needed.

Reporting in IFC is used with the flagging feature which you can find more of in the A Beginners Guide to the Forum topic.