How can I report someone?

The topic answers my question

Help put it in the right channel thing if I placed it wrongly

You cannot unfortunately. The report button only works for moderators and staff.

Reporting rights are given to ATC controllers on the expert server, Moderators and staff.

Certain others may have rights also but the common folk can do this by joining IFATC. It’s not a too common occurrence though.

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Can anyone help me locate this dude?
Callsign: Singapore 8878

I would like to have a chat with him

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Keep in mind not everyone is on the IFC. I can’t find anyone by that username.

Hey! IFACE is a virtual organization in the works, so it may be someone involved in that organization. The leader of it is @TheAviationGallery, you can contact him possibly.

Note: I am not involved with the organization, I am just helping them out with a crew center


thank you. i’ll contact him

Hi All,

I have contacted @M1llard to investigate this in private.

Thank you to the regulars for helping!