How can I push back well

Hi. I don’t know how to push back well. Some of the gate push back line is very strange. Would you please teach me?

Use rudder left and right to steer the nose wheel into the direction you choose or need to face.

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OK thanks😊😊

It’s pretty difficult to judge a “good pushback”. While you should try to pushback on to the taxiway lines, it’s okay if you’re a bit off. Generally, you’ll want to turn your nose 90 degrees from where you were parked (there’s certain instances where straight back might be appropriate). So long as you’re able to exit your parking spot without clipping anything around you, you should be good!


Thanks for your help @naro

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@Fung_Sum-sum This is a great question and straight off the bat, I will let you know that there is no “right” way as well as no set direction you have to pushback in, however, there are ways to give you a consistent pushback procedure. This is what I use as well as what was mentioned in the earlier portions of an Infinite Flight tutorial.

Let me walk you through the process:

  1. If you are online and you have your flight plan, fuel, passengers and cargo, seatbelt and no smoking sign lights, systems, APU, a walkaround and calibration, and everything else ready to go create a plan for how you plan to taxi ( if the runway is known, if not know a straight pushback is the safest option) and which direction you should pushback in, request pushback clearance through Ground ( if the frequency is available). If you are not online, you can skip some steps mentioned above such as ATC clearance checking for surrounding planes, although it is a good thing to practice, however things like fuel, passengers, a flight plan unless you are flying VFR (Visual Flight Rules), lights, systems, and signs should not be overlooked.

  2. Once you are cleared for pushback turn on your Beacon Lights, this signifies that engines are/will be in operation.

  3. Look around you (especially with UNICOM) for other aircraft taxing behind or in your vicinity/ near your wingspan.

  4. Release your parking brakes.

  5. Pushback straight out following the yellow line until your tail is a few inches from the main taxiway, keep your plane perpendicular (90 degrees) to the taxiway. With “heavies” you should begin the turn earlier with “lighter” aircraft you can wait until your tail is almost but not yet over the taxiway line

  6. Begin a turn with your rudder. Slowly and smoothly move your rudder to about full left/right ( depending on the direction of pushback) to avoid sudden movements or skip this step and stay perpendicular to the taxiway if you are pushing straight back.

  7. Straighten yourself out on the taxiway once you have made the turn, but do not push too far back in order to allow other airplanes to pushback and conserve time and fuel ( if engines are running).

  8. Select end pushback and make sure your parking breaks are set.

  9. make sure all engines are running ( unless you are doing a 1-2 engine taxi), flaps and trim are selected.

  10. test your flight controls

  11. Request for taxi clearance

  12. Release your parking breaks and begin your taxi, make sure your ground speed does not exceed 10knts in the gate/ramp areas as well as in turns and does not exceed 15-20knts in taxiways ( infinite flight will allow 30knts, but for realism, I recommend the speeds listed above).

That is the entire process, keep in mind you don’t need clearance for engine starts in infinite flight, however, I usually start my engines for “lighter” and “heavy” aircraft once exiting the ramp ( the straight line into the gate). Furthermore, this is just one of the many ways of pushing back :) As long as you are accurate, safe, and everything is there, you will be fine.

I hope this helps, feel free to PM me or tag me @Jster82x if you have any questions!

-Justin Duval


Sometimes I’ve seen in Norway that they push the Aircraft back, but turning 45 degrees or 0 degrees

There is no one answer as push backs are all like driving a car - just gauging and correcting when necessary. However, there are some visual cues that you can look out for, that are on the aircraft. This can range anything from the service doors, windows, the cargo door, etc. Other than that, Practice.

Assuming a 90 Degree pushback with no forward push (or in this case, it doesn’t exist yet) or any obstruction, I usually start turning the A359 when the taxi line nears the 4L or 4R cabin door.

Hope it helps :)


Watch videos, either from the cockpit, the truck or an external point.

You’ll see how they manage angles, weight and inertia. That’s how I first learnt.

This might sound “cliché” but there is no way to “teach you” its all about judgement and practice and those are only possible to improve over time. I used to push on the grass or overturn the taxi line but now I get it dead on. Why? PRACTICE… Over time through experimenting with how much rudder to use, when to turn your aircraft you begin to improve…

I usually have the camera as a birds eye view of the aircraft to help me push but do whatever suits you best! Remember it does take time but soon (and we are talking maybe a month or two) you will be a pushback sensei. Good Luck!

You are telling us pushback trucs operators are launched there without proper training?

As I stated above there is no “proper” way ( there are a few different ways), however, in my post above I stated the way that Infinite Flight tutorials teach, and the one that gives me the most consistent pushback on Infinite Flight.

The degrees which you turn and things like that widely differ based on holding points and the overall positioning of the taxiway, that 0-degree one you witnessed was probably a straight back pushback. :)

I am sure that in real life they receive proper training as to how to pushback an airplane ( I am not sure of the specifics), I found a video of a pushback on Youtube perhaps this will help. I too had isues with getting myself to pushback consistently, however, using the technique I mentioned in post 6 of this thread it became pretty consistent and accurate. :)

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