How can I purchase an individual aircraft?

Hi all

Back after not playing for a long time. How can I purchase an individual aircraft without pro?



Hi. You can’t any more you buy the subscription for live and you get all the planes.


Okay, thank you! Pity as I can’t really afford the sub and wanted to play with the new aircraft offline. 😞

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As far as I’m aware you can’t play without a data connection anymore either. You can just pay for a month a leave it at that.

In case you are wondering, here is the reason why ;)

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One month of IF costs as much as 2 aircraft but you get ALL planes. It‘s a great deal!


Yeah but it’s subscription as a service rather than purchasing the planes individually. I can understand why some people might not be keen on the sub, but it overall is a good business model.

I know that, it’s just I often played offline and liked having them offline. Really hope they add offline again, really annoyed that they removed it and it means that I don’t play the game anymore :(

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