How can I not burn a lot of fuel

I know I already made a topic but I am 2:46 hours away from KORD and I have 2:30 hours of fuel left how will I make it I was FL410 and now FL300 what should I do

Now I have 2:07 fuel

Try to divert and plan your fuel properly next time please. No need to make a topic about it.


I did I had 16 hours for fuel

And the flight is only 14 hours

I don’t know what happened but at this point you should probably divert, it’s not the best idea to land in an IFATC Hub with Emergency fuel. Have you step climbed properly? What aircraft are you flying?


Your best bet would probably have been to stay at FL410, where you burn less fuel.

I did step climb and I am in the B77W

The 77W has a very accurate fuel consumption rate, it might have just been the winds, or you could have started out the flight too high for your weight.

Alright guess I will just change airport

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Also, you will use less fuel when descending you may be able to make it actually, considering you only need 15 more minutes. It’s up to you, though.

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Flying at low altitude would help sometimes (depends on jetsteam direction)

Did a 13hr flight with an babybus from Hong Kong to Amsterdam before, flying at FL240 to prevent the strong westerlies :)

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I always use guide guide for step climbing, it’s very accurate and useful. I recommend it to you, too:

Thanks to @AndrewWu for making it!

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if the fuel deficit is insignificant just glide to the destination and report emergency fuel but dont report it if the airport is busy because they will make you divert

but if you dont have enough fuel to glide to the destination you have to divert or crash

Nope I won’t make it to KORD I am now going to CYYZ

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In future, I recommend you use something like to plan your flight. It will give you fuel, altitude(plus stepclimbs), and more good info. Planning fuel properly is quite important - as I am sure you have now realised.

“Failure to plan is planning to fial”


I don’t know how to use that for flight planning

Go to and go to the simbrief section then its pretty simple from there as long as you have a simbrief account

You should be making it, after all when resending you save a lot of fuel
Additionally when cruising use negative trim

Remember to trim until the purple line goes away and you also probably started cruising too high when your were too heavy.