How can I move replays and they remain watchable?

Hello! I am in desperate need to throw all my replays somewhere in a cloud and I tried it just now. The problem is, Google drive doesn’t recognize the file as a video file, but as some kind of weird file that cannot be viewed. I remebr trying to share a replay file with a friend, but he also had trouble opening it, and, weirdly enough, I had trouble too. How can I move the replays somewhere in a cloud and they remain watchable?

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As far as I’m aware, I don’t think the files can be viewed (watchable) without being in Infinite Flight and viewing it on there.

You can move the files to Google Drive (or iCloud), them move whatever ones you want back to watch onto your device…

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the help, but is infinite flight supposed to detect its own files wherever they are in the system or do I have to put then in a specific folder?

I believe you’re meant to move them to the “Infnite Flight” folder- this is where your screenshots are also saved to if you take them in replay mode.- this is how Infinite Flight is able to detect your replays…


Lol how do you expect a replay file to play as a video? A replay let’s you change angles, freecam, and see ATC logs. As far as I know videos aren’t capable of doing all that. ;)

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Oh my god, I am so stupid. I totally forgot about that.

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OK, I have trouble locating said folder. Do you have any idea of where it should be in the file system. I am using an android device.

If you open the “files” app, you should be able to find it in there…

I can tell you with confidence, the folder isn’t just put with all the other folders (Android, DCIM, Recordings, etc.) when I click on ‘Internal storage’ . It’s somewhere in the file system but I cannot find it anywhere. I have searched through the Android folder and nothing that leaves a clue to infinite flight is present.

I see that too, what I can see though is that I have found it in my “images” tab. Maybe if you put the file there, it might work. Let me try putting a replay in there and see what happens…

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I tried making screenshot during a replay to somehow force it to show me the infinite flight folder, but that didn’t do it.

I have tried, again, and again, it won’t let me get the file into the Infinite Flight folder…

So basically, when a replay is gone, it’s just gone?

I can give you a solution for ios…android should be similar:

  1. Go to your Replays
  2. Select the Replay you want to save
  3. Press share
  4. Store it in any Folder or place you like
  5. Its a .replay file, so that means you have to bring them back into IF App
  6. And here it diverts, while on IOS you can just press the export/share button and highlight “Copy to IF” i sadly don’t know how its done on Android, since i don own one…

Hope that helps.

OK, I tried the following:
Uploaded a sacrificial replay file to Google Drive
Clicked on ‘Send a copy’
Selected to share it via Infinite flight
Then the phone freezes for 2 seconds and when I return, IF has crashed itself
Deleted said file from IF and then tried the same thing again, but the file was not there

Mmhh…you are doing it right, but if you press share via IF it should open by itself…and it surley shouldnt freeze…do you have enough RAM free? Maybe some user rights in your Phone arent set right…sorry iam not great with Android…on IOS it works fine…

I cleared my RAM and did it again. This time, nothing freezed, IF said the replay file was imported successfully, but I didn’t find it in the Replays tab.

It should be the first replay in your list,
If you unsure which one it is, take one with a good remeberable name and do it again

I know which one it is just by looking at it since it’s the only one in Solo. It’s not in IF.