How can i make a vectoring system for my website

hello i already asked for help on the VO that i’m setting up called IFAM and we would like to put on our website a vectoramenro system someone could help i’m not able to put with this

Can you elaborate more on what your trying to make?

If your asking for an API key, ask an admin for one.

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hello I’m trying to put it on the website I created and we already have some commanders and a place where we can follow the flights of these commanders who are part of this community of pilots.

I followed the images of an example of what I would agastaria in a table of the live flights that is happening and a map of where the flight is and here is the linck where I would like to add these tools

Hi, thank you for your post today, since this topic has nothing to do with the ifc it belongs in #thirdparty

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sorry i was informed that i can get it with this linck so i asked for help he told me he got it here with you

I followed the link that the member of this VO sent me said it was here that I would get my flights from my community

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