How can I make a descent without having to reduce my speed to 200kts?


While making a descent, I’m “forced” to reduce my speed to 200kts to be able to make a -1200ft/min, but today, I’ve seen on FlightRadar that real plane can make a -1200ft/min even if they are at 250kts.

If I try to make this in Infinite Flight, the nose of my plane will be pitched down.
So… how to make a descent without having to reduce a lot of my speed?

Sorry for my bad English, I hope you understand.

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FlightRadar24 shows Ground Speed readings. Depending on the wind, it could be anywhere from 200-250kts in Air Speed. Some planes will be able to lose speed and descend but others can’t. You may have to use flaps/spoilers to slow down on the descent, but you should slow down a bit.

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It is quite common for an aircraft to be pitched 1 to 2 degrees down at higher speeds during descent.

It’s also possible your weight is to high. Reducing fuel, will bring the nose of the plane back up.
I use Light Load for fuel, and normal loads for passengers and cargo.

However, you can increase your VS while maintaining current speed;
Engage your auto throttle and disengage your auto VS. Hold your pitch (attitude) level to the horizon and activate your flight spoilers. Your VS will increase by 50% or more.

Deactivate your auto throttle and maintain a level pitch and you will gradually lose speed and increase your VS even more.

Use this until you are where you want to be.

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There is no problem to be nose down its very common for descent, and don’t use flaps they are to be used when slowing down for the final approach or when slowed down by atc.

@Chancho, you are referring to speedbrakes / spoilers not flaps. Flaps are high lift devices to produce more lift at lower airspeed.


Thanks for your help everyone! I don’t think using the flaps will solve my problem, because they have to be used a slow speed.

And I never knew that is it normal for plane to have the nose pitched down during descent!

I think that the best option is to use the spoilers on Flight mode.



a 2000 ft. descent rate with 250 kts. IAS should be possible without spoilers in flight mode.
But you have to have a slight nose down attitude which is common for all jetliners and perfectly fine.

Well if course the nose pitches down when you descend. It depends on what type of aircraft you are flying, the 757 and a330 pitch very steep when you descend. I usually descend at 1400 fpm on regular flight at 300 knots airspeed. It also depends on how far away you are from your destination. If your really close, going quick and are to high, you’ll have to descend really quick. If your at a lower altitude you don’t have to descend that quick. I start my descent 80nm out when at FL 200, at FL 250 I start my descent at 95nm.


Ground Speed? Are you sure?
Because yesterday, while tracking a flight, the plane was flying at 233kts at 6300ft. Isn’t it to slow?

Not necessarily, if there’s no wind the airspeed and groundspeed will match.

210kts and 230kts are the speed requirements for 6,000ft at both KPDX and KSEA, so I would imagine it is pretty standard at other airports as well.

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Oh, okay! Thanks :)

Do you have the list of the speeds at different altitude?
(For eg.: At 10 000 = 250kts, 3 000 = 180kts…)

Here are the approaches to KSEA. After RAYUU the 070 and 130 turns begin towards runway 16, and SONDR leads to the 34 runways.