How can I log in without purchase?

I bought a B787-9 few months ago and it has been logged out. Now I want to play with the B787-9 so I tried to login but it says I have to buy a live mode for login. I don’t to buy it now. How can I login without purchase?

Did you make sure you logged in with the same account you purchased it with? And are you on iOS or Android?

I think the big question is how did you get logged out? It would help us out if you told us.

What mode did you paid for live? Monthly? 6-Months? Yearly? You must pay the live in order to log in.

Yes i did. It’s IOS

I don’t know. I played live mode two months ago and after that it logged out automatically.

I think I know what happened!

They brought a subscription for 1 month as an example and the month ended and they accidentally logged out so it will not let them log back in to the account until they buy a subscription.

Same thing happened to me so it could be the same thing

Check your purchase history. It should say which one.

So there is no way to login without subscription?

Nope, not at all. You cannot log in with live.

Then how about the 787-9? I bought it before buy live mode. I can’t use it even in solo mode?

Not even in solo mode buddy

You should be able to retrieve it by tapping ”Restore purchases” on the aircraft selection screen if you’re on iOS. Android might require a device restart, and sometimes even app reinstall to restore completely.


Oh wow thank you. It works