How can I land my plane so fast I want to be Grade 4 easily


I’m Grade 3 and I need to do 180 landings to become Grade 4. How can I land the plane 180 times in one day can anybody help me?

You’re going to have to do a lot of pattern work.

X club patterns ksfo

Well, take it easy man, not in one day!

You can do touch and goes or patterns, for tutorials check Infiniteflight’s YouTube channel!

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60 landings per day

This is the big flaw, there are <100K XP grade 4’s who do touch and go’s all day. They aren’t learning anything and somehow becoming grade 4.


Do touch & goes on casual server! You will get there also don’t rush as I feel that will ruin the hype to become Grade 4


@easyWig I agree

egll touch and goes on casual server in a318

X club is better and faster

Just focus on being a good pilot - grades are meaningless really! As long as you know how to fly with professionalism and courtesy that’s the important thing

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Thank you!

it depends if you want to just get grade 4 by spamming landing or actually do it properly

True @Marcus1

that is so true its grade 5 hwen you actually get true respect

The problem about doing so many in a day is that in 91 days they will fall off and unless you have been keeping up will impact your grade.


Yeah that’s true

dont get angry but when i first became grade 4 i just spammed but then you have to fly at ;least twice a day

also i think it would be better if the landing in 90 days thing changes because i do alot of longer haul flights and its hard to get two a day in but i guess i can just do some pattern work here and there

When I do Long haul flight my IF is crashing I’m waiting 20.1 update because they’ll fix the Long Haul crash thingy. After they fix I’ll start to do Long Haul Flight.