How can i know

Hey guys, how can i know if a plane is too big to land at a specific airport?

It’s comes up in red at the top of your screen, and it’s also pretty much common sense.

You cant land a 747 in London City


It will say this


What are you talking about? Just cuz the airport is “resctricted” dosent mean all the people on TS1 wont try it

(This is sarcasm)


Haha I often see em in a380s at London City 😂


😂 😂 haha, in a diffrent sim I have on my computer, the AI ATC accidental lead me to LCY in a 752, that was fun 😂


Also at KEYW. (With KNQX, right next door).


NZQN - nothing larger than a 737-900/A321
EGLC - nothing larger than a E170, A319, B737-700
VNLK - C172, C208, SR22 only!
KASE - Nothing larger than A321/B757
KEGE - Nothing larger than A321/B757

There are all the special airports, all other airport just check the tag @DiamondGaming4 posted.


As many people pointed out below it will say “current plane restricted”
Just don’t land there if your plane is restricted cause it ain’t gonna be pretty

Just today, I saw a 747 and 2 a380’s at London city!! 😂😂🤣😂🤣

That had to of been on either ts or casual

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Yeah, it was casual!

Yeah, well that makes sense

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Casual server is just CRAZZYYY

Are you sure, I don’t think so. he says sarcastically

Actually it is a very sophisticated server to be on! (sarcasm)

This is quickly moving off topic. The question has already been answered multiple times.


Lol I learned my lesson once during pre-global.

I bought the 787-9 and I flew it around LA, I followed this other 787-9 and he and I ended up flying to KTOA and I got ghosted.

I should have read it saying ‘current airplane restricted before I flew’ XD

But imagine if you landed there successfully though

R.I.P Grade 3 account :(

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