How can I increase my XP?

How are you all I would like to just increase XP

Do a lot of touch and goes

Long hauls

Hi there, there are multiple topics about this, so please make sure you find them first.

“search before posting”


Long hauls, but mostly the landings. I strongly suggest doing free VFR flights since you could do touch and goes!

Simply just fly.😀

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No, I mean inside the forum I want to raise the level

Hello and welcome. Have a read at the stuff inhale posted. It contains how to use the form and understand thrust levels.

First this belongs in #meta.

Second I recommend taking a look at the topic below. It is about why have I not reached the next thrust level and understanding them:

Finally I am going to link two things to help you start on this community:

Hope this helps :)

Take a look at the links above