How can I improve my landing to online flights ratio?

Hello IFC!!!

Today I am hear to ask how can I improve my landing to online flight ratio. If you have a look at my grade table you will see what I mean.

How can I improve it, make the numbers level. Because its embarrassing going about at almost grave 4 with this. Thanks!

Do more flights, do touch and goes; these are all things that can improve your grade table! Keep in mind that G4 is a big accomplishment and that you’d need to be quite active on IF!


Pattern work is my answer. You’re gonna need at least 2 landings per flight to make progress, so pattern work is your best bet.


Do many short hauls, and do lots of pattern work. It introduces you to small GA aircraft. ;)


Or if you don’t have the time for pattern work, or short hauls for landings, grind those hours, like I did.

Well mines no different

The only way to improve on this is to do more landings in a single flight. So do some pattern work or fly like this:

It’s not pattern work but you still get landings from it and you also get to explore airports you’ve probably never been to before.


Ok, thanks people!

i have way more landings than flights as i almost always land atleast once and other “flights” may last for days or atleast multiple legs before the flight ended. try taking a mailine jet and following the tail number on it if you have time or fly patterns as mentioned above

As @Devon_Mo_piedmont114, try flying multiple legs in a single flight. A great way to do this is by tracking a regional or domestic carrier’s plane, particularly low-cost airlines that typically fly their airplanes multiple times per day. Usually, planes bigger than a 739/321 and maybe a 752 will only do 1-2 flights per day, unless they’re doing a long haul that has a stopover. A great example of the latter is China Eastern’s PVG-XIY-MAD flight, which showcases another way to improve your ratio: a long haul with a short haul before or after it, so you can fly multiple legs but don’t miss your phone too much during the day.

Back to the first option, though. As you can see, N619NK, the Spirit A320 in IF, flew LAS-AUS-ORD-LAS-MSY-ORD-ATL-MSY-MSP-ATL-MSP-BWI in one day (some legs are filled in according to order of flights)

If you did this, you would have 11 landings for 1 flight.


yes that is exactly what i do. I will find an American airlines retro jet or any special livery which are easy to find and fly those routes until it is done for the day.

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Land more than once each flight 😂

for the writer of this post i have 477 flights and 545 landings. even if you land twice per flight you will gain a ton more landings overall

Nothing to be embarrassed about! I have 601 landings and 1044 flights and that’s not because of crashes or something related to bad flying but that’s because I often make some planning ahead of actually flying a ändern have to start a new “flight“ then (e.g. today I made the FPL for a flight I am going to make on Saturday as I haven’t gotten the time tomorrow and that’s counting as a flight without me even switching on the engines).

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