How can I improve landing performance?


Okay, so I’m having issues with landing. I’m struggling to get the aircraft on centerline, and a smooth touchdown i I make it to the runway. If anybody has any tips on how I can land better, that would be much appreciated!
Thank you all for giving me advice on improving landings! I’ll apply all these concepts for my ingame flying and will be allowing Daniel14 to help me land



I’m pretty good at landing so I am pretty sure I can help you! First, what speed do you land at? And in what aircraft is this?

Remember when making a smooth touchdown to flare around 20-30 feet above the runway, which should make for a smooth touchdown.

@CollinFox if you want, you can PM me and I can do some practice landings with you and I can help you by watching what you do then Showing you improvements here and there!


An easy way to improve your altitude for landing is to go into settings and enable landing aid. This will show a set of red rectangles leading up to the runway every time and can be beneficial when first starting out. I’m sure others have good tips too!

@Thomas_G is right, the real name in settings is landing aid. Oops


Hello @CollinFox. What you can do is to turn on the approach path(Landing aid) for some smooth and stabilized landings. Hope this helps!!


I would use some positive trim. That would help you flare.
Also keep your airspeed at 125-140
Use rudder towards the wind right before tuchdown
Use full flaps
Use small movemont corrections. Dont swing your device around like a monkey 🐵
Hope this helps!


Not on every aircraft but most Aircraft. Exceptions are the DC-10, MD11 and such


A smooth landing in my view

-On Final, Pitch indicator on the horizon, Flight path indicator on the touchdown zone marking. Depending on the approach and speed, I use a suitable flaps setting.
-30 feet, Pre-Flare slowly and allow for ground effect
-10 feet, Flare and get the FPI closest to the horizon as possible.


I land usually around 200 Kts, and I’ll allow you to watch me land in a Cessna 172 to reduce complications


Whoa 200knots is really high. In a jet aircraft highest would be 160 knots. And yeah I would be glad to watch you whenever


Yeah, I bounce when I land at 200, and I’ll do a few more landings, and allow you to watch me


Hello, then the concept of a good landing, is a safe landing and preferably mild mainly in commercial aircraft, depends on aircraft to aircraft since each has a specified landing speed, example aircraft such as A318, A319,737-700 is good landing with 139knots also depends on the wind if it is crosswind it is recommended to land with a bit more speed like 145/150 knots, you said you are having difficulty aligning then try to approach with the “Landing Aid” option after a while you can learn and land without the “Red Rectangles”, remembering that in the end it is only to correct small mistakes, in case you have to adjust something else do not stop giving Touch and Goes or Go Around !!!


Gotcha! I’ll do some landing aids next time I fly, and try to land at 160-180 kts when I feel like I can try to land safely.


It will be landing very fast !!


I’ll take that into consideration


Your landing speed has to be in accordance with the balancing of your aircraft & winds, there are sites that calculate your landing speed more generally the average aircraft standards are 139/140 knots !!


Okay, I’ll try to land at that speed with flaps fully deployed


Well landing at the speed you’re landing at will not be the smoothest…
I’d say to take in to consideration what everyone else have sai above :)

  • Don’t land any faster than 160kts in a Jet aircraft is all i can say, as if you go above that speed, like you said your plane will bounce, and trying to land at high speeds at 180-200kts isn’t optimal for learning.

If you’re flying MD-11, then you may not land any faster than 135kts (thanks to @Starley for correcting me).

But the prime speed would be 130-140kts.


Flaps also have standards to be used, flaps consist of increasing their lift at low speeds, using flaps according to the balancing of the aircraft as well, the trim also has to be configured, there is a whole calculation in the briefing with all these information !!


Gotcha! Thank you very much for the advide @Captain_JR, and @Wendel!


Here below is the link of videos that will help you, only that they are in Portuguese try to use legend, good luck and good landings !!