How can I get to "Basic user"

Hello guys, I have a question to ask. So you all know what’s trust level. I’m just curious of how I can get to “Basic user” that I see many people get there for just a short time. I have been joining since October, and I still see that I’m still “New user”. Is there a way to get to basic? Can you show me how?

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Just contribute more in a positive manner, and you’ll get there!

Some tips -

–> Contribution is a major part of getting to the next trust level.

–> “Criticise ideas, not people” is a very important rule, even stated in the forum guidlines.

–> Contribution should always be positive.

–> Avoid necroposting.

–> Avoid going off topic.


Okay, I understand. You know I have been suspended before in October. Does suspended people cause them to promote slower?