How can I get this callsign " LH390 ", can someone telll me pls

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So i just finished a flight in IF , and i saw on the map a guy with callsign LX245, i am wondering how he is able to have this callsign? Can someone help me please? Because i really haven’t any idea!

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Some people have been playing IF long enough to still have a legacy callsign, meaning that they haven’t changed their callsign in the 2 years or so since the current system was introduced. Back then, you could have any text as a callsign.

However, I suspect LX-245 is simply someone with a general aviation callsign from Luxemburg

You can choose to use one of those, from any country in the world, instead of an airline callsign in your callsign window.

You will quite often see G-ABC (UK), D-ABC (Germany) and N-123 (US) in the skies, as well as many others.

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Ok thank you very much sir!

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Unfortunately that does mean you won’t be able to have LH-390 as your callsign, as I think there’s no country with the LH prefix. Norway is closest with LN.

There’s nothing stopping you from flying as say Lufthansa 390LH either, if you wanted to

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Ok thank you!

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Hello Dav i would love to have AV- in général aviation…
Would you tell me the contrat for this préfixe
Thank you

Unfortunately I don’t believe any country has the AV prefix

Here is a list out-of-game that you might find useful: Country Aircraft Registration Prefixes

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