How can i get the ATC controller talking?

is there any change to get the ATC controller talking to me when I am fllying, I heard something about Zello ?

On the advanced server and playground server you’re pretty much guaranteed to be contacted by ATC. You should also send them a request to get their attention. Say you just spawned at an airport with controller operation. Contact “Ground” frequency and request pushback, then the conversation starts :)

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i mean talking not chatting, is this possible?

Isn’t that the same thing? If you mean actual speaking to the controller, this is not possible. Everything is done with the in-game ATC system using set commands on both the ATC and pilot’s side.

ok thnak you

@Ilyas Yes i am one of the Admins for the Zello ATC channel called: Infinite Flight ATC Center. For more info please visit: