How can I get my grade back?

Hi there everyone, I was on grade 2 and now on grade 1 after getting too many violations. How can I get beck to grade 2?


Hello welcome to the community. To get your grade back, you will have wait one week, and after that, be sure you are not going overspeed

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First off, welcome to the community!

Secondly, as said above just be patient and wait a week for them to expire, but don’t stop flying, continue to fly to keep your flight hours up :)

Firstly, Welcome to the community @Grt_15_787. Secondly, to get your grade back you will have to wait for a week until the following in the table below have been met for grade 2. To stay at grade 2 after you are back you will have to maintain those requirements. Thirdly, If you want to achieve a Grade 3, 4, or 5 status, you can find how to get there as well in the table below.

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