How can I get my grade back up?

Hello, I know I will get some hate for this but on my grade table it states I have 77 violations/62 landings in these 12 months. It also says above the 77 violations, and 62 landings, 1.24. For grade 2 it says the number must be 1.00. I’m sorry this is hard to explain but, how would I lower my number to 1.00 and lower my violations to get back up to grade 2? I hope everyone understands what I’m trying to ask. Thank you!

Do more landings to get the ratio down. As you complete more landings it causes there to be 77 violations per 100 landings for example, causing it to be lower. Just do more landings and you’ll get the number down!


You have to do landings until you have 72 at least so your ratio of violations to landing is 1:1


Up your landing to violation ratio, you can do a few touch and goes if you want to boost it faster than doing full flights.

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Just keep doing landings, and you’ll be fine

Patterns in an F22 or whatever fighter will get u there if u do patterns a lot
Whenever my landings per 90 days are below 200 I just go on casual hop on the f22 and do quick patterns

What I do is cirrus sr 22 and touch n goes at KDEN as the runways are lined up to do 15 landings in 15 mins

A flight on casual server should do the trick

Just keep flying around a bit! (A great tip that helped me from @schyllberg

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