How can I get more involved in the community

How could I get more popular on here?

What do you mean “popular”… The community is a place to share knowledge not to gain popularity.


Like how could I get more people to know me

It’s not a popularity contest. But if you want to become a regular or to get known within the community, it helps to treat everyone with respect, follow the forum rules, and to contribute with well thought of topics and discussions :)

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Make informative posts?

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Ok I just fell left out

Ok I’ll try

Like @Damian and @Riley_Dunshea it’s not a popularity contest you just can help and contributed to the community like everyone else.

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Ok ill try

Same happened to me when I started on the forums.

I never tag anybody

But thanks for the tip

You need to send $1500 to @Aernout.


$1000,- will do the trick :)


You shouldn’t be doing it for popularity, but if you want to get involved, just be active.

Can I pay that in schmeckles?

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User post = 1 like
Mod post = 20 likes
Matt or update post = 100 likes



Like above not popularoty contest what i did was make topics i thought important and gave my feedback on other topics/ideas

Make more posts! There are plenty of people on the community that were new a month ago that I know reckognize! Just make posts and comments. Also, be friendly, don’t get a bad rap (kinda like nick chan)