How can I get emoji badge

I don’t know how to get it. Can you pls help?

What do you mean?

There is a badge on the IFC if you use a emoji on a post but I think it doesn’t work

Like this :smiley:

That was removed

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Ah, makes more sense, don’t think I’ve ever heard of this one though.

The “First Emoji” badge was removed 5 years ago by the staff team.

PS: The emoji you use from your keyboard isn’t considered a emoji on Discourse. There used to be a button for emojis on Discourse itself.


Here is how it looks like. This is from another forum that uses Discourse.



Emoji do be vibin

The badge actually still exists, just that it’s unobtainable. The emojis back in the day were the same emojis Twitter used at the time (ugly.) Since then, Discourse has added the ability to configure which emoji set a forum wishes to use (Apple emojis, Google emojis, etc), but as mentioned in the topic you linked, is incredibly distracting and unnecessary the majority of the time.


Yes, I’m aware of that. Should have phrased my reply better. Thanks!

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