How can i get a violation for going 320 kn over 10000feet

Can anyone help me with this situation? Or explain if thats normal.
So yea first i went 355kt and i noticed that before getting the violation and the warning just stayed there for atleast a minute even tho i slowed down alot to about 320 knots

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My suggest is go to 10100ft. Then you are sure you won’t get a violation.

Is it a big problem you only got a violation? If you just pulled up a bit, you didn’t have your violation.

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What aircraft were you flying?

Yeah, don’t cruise 10k ft. Bad idea. You probably won’t get this violation taken away though. Just saying.

@tomthetank, not really a point in that, he was AT 10k. And he probably dropped to 9999 at one point.

We’re you at 10,000 exactly as set on autopilot or over 10000

All planes do that.

Okay, drop the A321 issue.
If you set the AP to 10k feet as an example, you will still have minor deviations. Both positive & negative. No aircraft maintains the precise altitude you set it too 100% of the time.


@Sashaz55 @OrcaKid @Captain_JR you guys are not helping the OP with his issue but just adding confusion to the topic. I suggest you go to a pm to hash it out.


It can happen if you are directly at 10,000 feet as set with the autopilot as you may drop below that. The other instance is if you are climbing into the Flight levels and your airspeed limitations decrease as you gain more altitude.

There was also a previous bug where the warning would remain on. That should have been resolved in the latest update though. I’d recommend giving yourself at leased a 10 knot buffer between the VNE or max speed.

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I flew the 787-8

No cause i was going 320 for a good minute or so i even went above 10k and still got the violation would have got another one if i didnt quit the flight.
And the violation isnt the biggest problem i just dont want this again

I was approaching

It was the thing you said about being removed but it clearly wasnt as that happened to me today🤔

What was your exact altitude when you got your violation if you can remember?

I was at around 12.500 feet at the time

Question: what speed you are referring to ground or air speed? Mistype?

Im talking Air speed

At that point were you descending or ascending?

First decending but pulled up cause i thought that would fix it

What is your display name and callsign?