How can I get a higher grade?

How can I make it so I have Grade 3 or higher? I hate being Grade 1 because the pilots on Casual Server are terrible! They never follow any rules and I don’t fly with rule breakers!

its easy , jist fly more. Work on your landings and flight time.

Would you be interested in flying with me?

I would love to sometime in the day tomorrow

Take it slow, start with some good GA aircraft and get to know the basics. Soon when you feel you are comfortable enough with flying on casual server, move to training server to practice flying with live atc.
Note: Training server atc controllers might not be correct with their commands so don’t think the same would be on expert server.
After some time on patterns and short flight you’ll easily be on Grade 3.


Keep flying, landing, and do your best to not get violations

most of my violations are from doing Mach 2.0 low approaches at airports and then a hard pull up to 8G. if you want to keep your violations low, my tip would be not to fly a fighter jet fast and low over an airport xDDDDD

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