How can I find real life departure and arrival charts?

Hi there. I want to make a more realistic procedures. Can you help me to find a website? Thanks

This is my personal favorite:


Go into google and search “[Airport Name] [RWY] Approach charts”.

At least that’s what I do.

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Also provides you with the SID and STAR used IRL! (and sometimes charts)

Ok thanks 😊

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If you fly mostly in EU, try :

Remplace ICAO by your airport and you should have the appropriate PDF.

ie :

If you fly in the US, go for

I hope this helps


Also if you want ultra realism, and if you have money

I recommend and foreflight mobile

these are very advance, and cost a lot of money, however for the best experience, I would get these, not recomended for beginners


Why? If it’s the best experience, then it’s the best right?

Read this please

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well, your half right

lets put it this way: if you are new to charts, and finding out were to get them ect. and suddenly you get websites made from Boeing them self.

Sure it might be the best experience, but not so much if you are new

if your new you will have the best confusion

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I don’t agree, if only I had access to Navigraph all these years I would’ve saved at least 15 minutes per flights.

If you can afford it, don’t hold because it’s as good as it gets !

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One of my personal favourites is Chartfox, everything is organised very well, and it’s very easy to find the charts you need.

Admittedly they don’t have every countries charts, and you do need a free VATSIM account, but it has full coverage in most countries (including the UK, US and Australia), and at least partial coverage in every country in the world.

See here:


The best is Navigraph, but that’s pricy. If you don’t mind paying, I think Navigraph is the best. I use Airmate, which is free and quite good, although it doesn’t have them all and overall a tad odd, but alright.

I like Navigraph, I use it for my PC Simulation flying as well, it’s 10 dollars a month but a great resource in my opinion and I’m more than happy with my purchase. It has every chart for airports that actually have charts in the world and is kept up to date with the latest Airac cycle, which unironically might actually be a problem as IF’s nav data they use is not updated every Airac and is sometimes outdated. It also has en-route high and low charts, as well as a night mode for its charts that prevents you from burning your eyes when simming late at night. Happy flying!.

Thanks I can find some good charts now

but you need to upside down to see😂

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