How can I find out my landing vertical speed?

Hey, I am new in this forum, from Germany, and I was wondering, where I can see how soft my landings are (v/s)…I have got an App, where you can see all flight parameters, but only if you do a whole fight starting at the Airport with engines off, ending at the destination with engines off…: (
But if I want to do a couple of practice landings in one session, is there a way to find out the V/s in that occasion? Looking forward to your answers; Best regards


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Check you’re HUD in cockpit view or front view. It is on the left below your altitude indicator.

I know that LiveFlight Connect shows you the landing VS.

I don’t have a pro abonnement by the way

No I meant in replay after the flight. I can’t look at the parameters while landing of course…

IF op’s is a free app


You can watch the replay and go to HUD view

he already has that it seems

In-Flight Operations shows you all your critical parameters.

Yeah I know but only after a full flight, I can’t check VS if I do training landing sessions…
I know that is quite unrealistic but makes a lot of fun…

Your vertical speed is here, right now it’s saying zero because I’m on the ground, in the replay just keep watching it when you are touching down, unfortunately you can’t pause it otherwise it’ll go to zero, maybe a little off topic but keep in mind that vertical speed is not the only criteria for a good landing, centre line, touchdown zone and being decrabbed are even more important
Hope this helps!

There is a feature request for this. I agree it would be nice to have.

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So that’s what the little number at the bottom of the altitude is👍

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So first, Herzlich willkommen! >_^
As IF doesn’t have a flight report function and the VS won’t change in reply mode. One way is to screen recording while your landing, therefore you can see the landing rate and also the landing G-force. Another way as mentioned above, using In-Flight Operations will give you a detailed flight report with landing rate and all those good stuffs on it.

Thx very much Airchina, the Screen recording thing is amazing 😝

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