How can I find my grade table?

If you’ve ever wondered what your current grade is or wanted to know what you needed to promote to the next grade you’re in the right place! Infinite Flight uses a grading system to control server access, applying grade requirements for admission to each server. Your grade is based on flight time, landings, violations, ghosting, and more!

Below I’ll show you how to access your grade table:

  1. Select one of the two multiplayer game mode tabs.

  1. Select your display name in the top right hand corner.

  1. Select the grade icon.

  1. Use the table to determine what is needed to progress to each grade.

Items highlighted in yellow will indicate which requirements you do not currently meet. For example, to progress to Grade 2 I must have at least 25 landings and 1 hour of flight time. In the following example I will look at the far right column, labeled “you”, to see that I only have 1 landing and require 24 more landings to satisfy that requirement along with at least 1 hour of flight time.


Happy Flying!


Much needed for those who wonder why they arent a certain grade yet. Should hopefully clear up some of those “Why am I not Grade 3?” Support topics.

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Good idea! Noticed many people don’t know how to find there Grade!

Nice post Tyler! Only wondering why it’s a wiki…


Thanks! I give directions on how to find this table about 10 times a week so I figured it was much needed. :)


I think someone is trying to show off their 2mil xp. LOL. I cant believe you have so much though, that’s a lot of hard work.

The real question:
How do I get a beta subscription that expires in 2097?

sarcasm for those who can’t catch on


Being an employee is probably a solid start! :) Let’s stay on topic.

Anyways, be sure we link this thread if others are struggling understanding their grade or finding it. Thanks, guys!


Nice one! Great tutorial for begginers who can figure out their grade.

Thanks for the wonderful tutorial Tyler


A perfect time for Tyler to show off his stats! :)

Update: I just realised that almost the exact same thing was said earlier… oops

Really helpful for newer users.

I must say, those are some good stats!!