How can I find another user on the search?

I searched up someone on the IFC but it only shows none or bc it only allows posts to be searched up bc I need to PM a user

Who do you need to search up?

You may be typing in the wrong name. Do you know exactly what his IFC name is?

After you search for them, you will see all of their posts on various topics. From there, you’ll need to click on their profile photo, and there’s a message button on the pop-up that shows up when you click their profile photo.

Here are some photos of how to do it:

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Here’s a step by step guide:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Sorry if it comes across as condescending but I believe pictures are better than an essay of words


But he didn’t post at all

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The pilot I am looking for is this guy I taxied into him bc he took my spot at LHR in Expert Server and I dont know if I deserve a violation for taxiing into him for parking the callsign was United 5 with a United 777-200ER coming from KIAH

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He was flying the Ice Lander 757-200 behind me

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@Fynnleemiller is your guy!

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Yup I searched him up but couldn’t find him and I wanted to PM him to explain why I taxied into him


Ahh, when you use the search bar, just type up the entire name. It should show the users on the right side of the screen. If there are no topics written by said person, it will generally just show the user profile. You can click on that and then follow up with the message you wanted to write.

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Hi there, no problem about the taxi thing the other day. I just chose that gate because it’s the one the flight I was doing uses. But you could of maybe used the gate next to me. Thanks

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