How can I establish a virtual Airlines in IFC

I want to establish a virtual airlines in IFC how can I do
it need money?

Take a look at this:

You don’t necessarily need to spend money - but if you want to make your VA really professional - ie a professional website you will need to spend money on stuff like website domains, etc.

If you have any other questions - feel free to PM me - my inbox is always open :)

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OK Thank you

No need money :)

You can apply to

OK I trying

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You don’t necessarily need to use money, but if you want to have a professional website and crew center, an organized discord server, etc. you may need to spend some money

You don’t need money for any of these :)

However, you can shell out money for premium features which improves your VA, like Nitro (for Discord). Point is, the choice to invest is yours.

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